Stiiizy OG Kush 1G

og kush Stiiizy
og kush Stiiizy

What’s Stiiizy OG Kush?

Stiiizy OG Kush may be one of the world’s most popular marijuana strains, but its origins are shrouded in mystery. There is an ongoing debate as to where the strain came from, and experts can’t even agree on what ‘OG’ stands for! Even we aren’t 100% sure as to the strain’s lineage.

It is widely believed that OG Kush is a cross of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, but this seems to be no more than an educate guess. When you go to a dispensary, the Stiiizy OG Kush you purchase might not be a descendant of the real thing. The strain itself is best for its high THC content (23%+), as well as the wild mood boost it provides.

Rather than going through the likely effects of this strain though. Let’s see if we can shed some light on the story of OG Kush – in other words, what does the “O G” stand for in ‘OG Kush’?

What Does Stiiizy OG Kush Taste Like?

The strain’s aroma is woodsy, piney and earthy all at once, immediately hitting your taste buds with a spunky, rabbit-like jab. Moreover, its flavor can surprise even the most jaded of self-proclaimed stoners. With none-too-subtle undertones of lime, lemon, and spice – as well as faint hints of citrusy splash. This bud has a classic sour citrusy flavor with hints of woody pine. The aroma is very similar, with a spicy kushy overtone that’s accent by sour citrus, woody pine and pungent dank.

og kush stiiizy

OG Kush Stiiizy Effects

OG Kush is the perfect hybrid for any indica or sativa lover. It starts almost as soon as you exhale, filling your brain with an uplifted sense of unfocused happiness and ease. You’ll find yourself feeling sociable and outgoing, chatting with anyone and everyone around you. Although you may fall in and out of fits of the giggles at times. A pang of hunger comes next, leaving you with a heavy case of the munchies. reaching for anything in sight to snack on.


JoshD Farms reports an average THC content of 20% from OG Kush. With some indoor grows testing as high as 26%. Myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes of the strain.

OG Kush Stiiizy Review

  • Fabulous frontal lobe high at first then a very relaxing ride
  • Very nice balance between indica and sativa. And beautiful taste LOVE IT
  • Hits fast, smokes great, very smooth. Felt very focused, and outgoing. I even cleaned my room! Music also goes great with this, I could hear and pick apart each individual note, definitely recommend for anyone looking for a clean and productive high.
  • Love this strain, for me it’s such a clear minded, uplifting and worry free high. ADHD is totally gone with this strain! Every sense is heightened and it’s definitely good

What is Stiiizy OG?

  • STIIIZY OG / INDICA. · Taste: Earthy, Pine, Woody. · Feeling: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy. · Description: This strain is bursting with potency, purity and flavor. It delivers a delicious nighttime regimen.

Is Stiiizy indica or Sativa?

All 3 kinds of Stiiizy pods are available in a wide variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.  With a nearly balanced composition (55% Sativa, 45% Indica) and mid-high THC levels, it’s no wonder the strain is enjoyed around the world.

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