About Us

Big Bud Strains is a leading Cannabis Dispensary with multiple products and services. We are currently engaged in providing real-time dispensary menus and facilitating online ordering of medical & recreational cannabis through partnerships with local dispensaries everywhere.

Our story

Why Big Bud Strain

Whether a medical user or recreational enthusiast, Big Bud Strain strives to outperform the current industry by empowering the consumer to create their own experience. Through our on-demand platform, consumers can not only order products for pickup or delivery; they can also use the Big Bud Strains learning center to become an educated consumer and understand what works for them better.

Based on experience

By bringing together cannabis consumers of all levels of experience, as well as promoting social responsibility and education, we bridge the gap between consumers, products cultivations, to make sure you have the safest and best possible legalized cannabis experience.

Your Weed, Our Passion

Over 1,200+ Sales, 95% successful deliveries trains. 100 + products. We are Legalization advocates for medical and recreational Marijuana with a  equity mindset.