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Infused Pre Roll

An infused joint or pre-roll is a pre-made weed cigarette with hash added to it. That cannabis extract can be outside, or inside the j. The concentrate can be many different types—often bubble hash or wax. The infused pre-roll can be small or large, and they’re in demand.

Do infused joints get you high?

The result of combining the two is a buzz quite like no other, a “high” you will not experience any other way. This two-pronged potency is undeniably a major attraction. However, too much THC can be unpleasant. A THC overdose is common among those who overdo it on infused joints.
How do you smoke infused pre-rolls?

Here are five helpful tips to follow when lighting pre-rolls.

Be Patient, Apply Light To The Tip Of The Joint, Rotate The Joint Slowly, Start With Little Puffs,Do Not Inhale While You Are Lighting The Joint.