PackWoods Gas House “ Pressure “

PackWoods Gas House “ Pressure “

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About Pressure strain

Packwoods Pressure is one of the rare strains whose appearance can be categorized as atmospheric. Its rich tints of indigo, yellow, purple, and pale green provide the backdrop for its dense coating of gleaming trichomes, like the view from a plane window covered in frost. Add a little Pressure, and improve any stash jar. 

PACKWOODS Premium Delta 8 Pre-Roll with Glass Filter 2.25G 600 MG. Features: 2g of a premium flower. (Top shelf, lab-tested, hand broken, never ground)

What is packwoods pressure?

A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz Derives it’s name from both it’s colorful appearance and it’s flavor profile. The Packwoods + Runtz Collab holds two grams of Indoor Runtz flower, Infused with Nug Run Sauce, Engineered Glass Filter Rolled in Packwraps 100% Tobacco Free Wrap, and Dusted in Indoor Kief
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