Northern Light Strain Information

northern light strain information

Northern Light Strain Information and Review

 Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Informatio., formerly known as CI #5 F1, is an award winning Indica dominant strain. This strain is well received by growers, medical patients. Recreational consumers and may be one of the most popular Indica strains of all time. The strain is readily available in dispensaries throughout the West Coast and Colorado.

Northern Lights strain smell

The scent of the Northern Lights strain is pungent and immediately hits your nose, occupying whatever room it is in with the smell of dank but its flavor hits upon different notes. Upon first taste, the piney and earth-like flavor can be felt, but soon it blends into something a tad more dynamic

Northern Lights strain taste

Notes of spicy pine, wood, hash, skunk, and a twinge of citrus imbue the Northern Lights strain with a complex blend of earthy sweetness and a widely appreciated top-shelf flavor profile.

Northern Lights strain yield

Northern Light Automatic provides a generous harvest and might be one of the highest-yielding autoflowering strains available. Growing to a height of around 90–120cm, it is quite a large plant for an auto, which explains its yields of up to 200g/plant outdoors and a whopping 550g/m² indoors.

Northern Lights Grow Info

Northern Lights  needs good temperature regulation , but Northern Lights grows well using either hydroponics or soil growth methods. An added benefit, the flowering period of this crop is short, at only 7-9 weeks, lower than most other cannabis strains. Which means you’ll achieve the tasty cannabis you desire a little sooner than with most marijuana types. Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Information

The strain flowers for six to eight weeks and yields up to 125 grams per square meter. In the average greenhouse setup Northern Lights produces roughly 100 grams per plant. This strain is a definite choice for those that prefer quality and ease over quantity. Ever since its emergence on the medical scene there have been many imitations however and plenty of growers have crossed it with something but kept the same name.

Northern Lights Appearance

When many think of witnessing northern lights in nature, they probably imagine. The fantasy in some mystical locale like a Scandinavian iceberg field, or a frozen Icelandic tundra. With this image in mind, it may seem rather fitting that the aroma. Northern Lights is woodsy and piney, feeling all too reminiscent of adventurous times spent in the woods or camping on days off.

Northern Lights Cannabis Effects

This cannabis has dreamy and euphoric effects written all over it. Often sending consumers into a blissful, altered reality, where they can be peacefully relax and physically lazy. Due to this full-bodied letting go, rather than consuming. Northern Lights cannabis during the day. It is best to choose a time once the sun has already fallen to truly enjoy these potent indica qualities. Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Information

Best Northern Light Strain

Now that we’ve covered the origins of this iconic strain, let’s get down to business. Here are our top 3 Northern Lights varieties.


Northern Lights by Zamnesia is one of the top-selling cannabis strains on our website and constantly receives astounding reviews from customers.

This strain boasts pungent aromas with notes of pine and slightly fruity undertones that hint at the pure Thai sativa used to create this powerful hybrid.

Given its aroma and sweet, fruity, yet slightly piney flavour, this is a truly delicious strain that is a pleasure to smoke or vaporize.

These seeds will grow into big, vigorous plants that easily reach heights of about 100-120cm. The plants flower in as few as 7 weeks and are renowned for being resilient to pests, diseases, and tough conditions.

These plants produce great yields, usually clocking in at about 500g/m² indoors. All in all, this is a fantastic Northern Lights variety that’ll make a great addition to anyone’s garden.


Sensi Seeds is a renowned seed bank, earning a strong reputation thanks to its history and vast catalogue of high-quality strains.

As you’d expect from a seed bank like this, the team at Sensi Seeds have produced a Northern Lights  variety that is nothing short of spectacular.

These plants grow into sturdy, stocky bushes that produce heavy harvests of delicious flowers. Flowering time is roughly 7-8 weeks.

These buds are thick, dense, and coated in a frosty layer of trichomes, which teases at their potency. They produce a delicious aroma combining musk, honey, and earth notes, making for a delicious smoke.

Sensi Seeds claims to have inherited 3 of the original Northern Lights plants, making this an attractive specimen for anyone chasing after something as close to the original as possible.


northern light strain information

This strain deserves its place on the pantheon. Northern Lights by Zativo Seeds hits that spot every time. She delivers a THC content of 18%; enough to scratch that psychoactive itch without rendering users dysfunctional. You can blaze this indica at any point throughout the day for a relaxed state of mind. Enjoy her delicious flavours of pine and earth, and gaze upon her beautiful dark green flowers. Her buds also hold medium levels of CBD that help to tame the high and clear the head. 


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