how long do pre rolled joints last

How Long do Pre Rolled Joints last

How Long Does Weed Last?

How Long do Pre Rolled Joints last, on average, can last anywhere from 6 month to 1 year if stored properly. As weed begins to age it will start to lose potency and aroma. This doesn’t mean you can’t smoke it or that you won’t have a psychoactive experience, but it wouldn’t be as strong as when you first got the weed.

As your pre-rolls age, they begin to degrade in the quality level because of exposure to other chemicals in the air. There have been studies that show marijuana THC levels drop up to 16% after the first year it has been stored. These levels continue to increase over time as two years causes a 23% drop, three years a 34% drop, and four years a 41% drop in THC. This can be alarming if you are using weed to help with anxiety or other physical ailments and are not getting the treatment you were expecting.


Joints can be stored for quite a long time, especially if the plant material used within them has been properly dried and cured. Of course, if you store a rolled joint in a damp environment, it will more than likely start to develop mould. If you store a joint out in the open air, it will last for a little while, but will eventually start to degrade and lose its potent taste and smell. How Long do Pre Rolled Joints last

Storing a joint intentionally within a container or specialised piece of equipment will certainly expand its shelf life, helping to keep it fresh and tasty for when you finally light it up and get high. If your joints are kept in an airtight environment, they will be in better condition when it comes time to toke. This is especially true in comparison to leaving them on a desk or on a shelf without protection.

Let’s check out some of the storage methods available to help prolong the shelf life of your joints and protect them while they’re being transported.

Tips On Keeping A Pre-Rolled Fresh

Even though you can technically still smoke that stale joint. A better strategy would usually be to just keep it fresh. The key to maintaining that freshness is proper storage. There are a few simple ways to do that: keep them in an airtight container. Keep them from getting damage and avoid over-exposure to light and moisture.


Zip bags are a somewhat traditional method of storage and they certainly have their downsides. For example, placing a half-smoked but still-lit joint inside the bag will easily burn through the plastic. Also, zip bags don’t offer a massive amount of protection during transport. However, they do serve as an amazing and cheap way to keep joints fresh when stored away at home. If zipped completely, they prevent air and moisture from infiltrating, limiting rapid degradation and mould formation of the joint.


green diamond delta 8

Have you ever rolled a beautifully structured joint, only to place it in your pocket, and witness its complete ruin upon reaching your target destination? This is truly a disappointing sight, however, there is an efficient and specific way to avoid this issue. Torpedo cone tubes offer the solution. These sleek-looking tubes act as containers to store joints while being transport. They offer a hard plastic protective layer that will prevent your joint from getting twist and crushed. Now, every time you travel with a jay. It will be in perfect condition by the time you are ready to smoke it. What’s more, torpedo cone tubes come in varying colours to suit your preference including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

How Long do Pre Rolled Joints last when its Away From Light And Moisture

Even if you’ve never grown your own cannabis, most people know that it’s pretty sensitive to the environment. Even when it’s rolled you want to protect it from its environment as much as possible. Too much light can cause it to degrade. If it’s too warm and/or humid, you run the risk of mold growing. Not to mention negative effects to the flavor. Ideally your cannabis should live in an environment with 59%-63% humidity. How Long do Pre Rolled Joints last

You’re probably wondering – but how can I control the relative humidity? The good news is that humidity packs are readily available to control that situation for you. You can purchase them in varying sizes depending on the amount you’re preserving and the size of your storage container. Humidity packs are design to either release moisture into the air or draw moisture out. In order for a humidity pack to work, you have to use it in an airtight container. The pack will last anywhere from 2 months to a year. You’ll want to check it regularly. If it becomes dry or crispy it will need to be replace.

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