5 Best Indica Strains 2022

best indica strains 2022

If relaxing and de-stressing are priorities for you in 2022, you may want to try and buy indica cannabis strains 2022. Indica strains reportedly have calming effects, potentially helping people cope with anxiety and insomnia.

Indica strains are a good counterbalance to Sativa strains, which are legendary for their energizing effects. However, it is worth noting that the terms “indica” and “Sativa”. There are few differences between the two types.

  • Blueberry 

Blueberry is another classic Indica strain that has been around for some time now. It is probably one of the worlds most popular Indicas due to its amazing flavour and delightful effect. This strain has been around since the 70s and has tested as high as 24% for THC levels. For smokers looking for something to knock them sideways into a lovely pool or relaxation and calm, Blueberry is the strain. The flavour of this strain is a combination of fresh blueberries and old school skunk. The buds are completely in a frost of resin, and the effect is simultaneously delightfully cerebral and powerfully physical. This strain is best grown outside due to its massive size, but is a vigorous grower and will produce amazing yields in very little time.

  • Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Scented like California wine country, this grapey strain is a cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan. The top reported the effect of Granddaddy Purple is sleepiness, followed by overall relaxation and relief from muscle spasms. With no cannabidiol (CBD) in its cannabinoid profile, Granddaddy Purple is appropriate for experienced consumers who are comfortable with THC. 

granddaddy purple

Northern lights

Just as old as Hindu Kush is the famous Northern Lights. Its influence on the world of indicas can’t be stated enough. This Afghani descendant is known for having resinous buds and skunky terpenes that fill the room when the plant is cure. You can expect sweet and herbal flavors when you smoke it.

Equally as potent as it is stinky, most consumers report a hard-hitting body high that’ll leave you on stuck mode for the remainder of the evening. If you’re looking to get stone and run through a sack of gas station snacks, this — or its popular phenotype Northern Lights #5 — may be the one

  • Strawberry Banana

Affectionately nicknamed Strawnana, this indica-dominant strain crosses Banana Kush and strawberry Bubble Gum. High in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Strawberry Banana is a good choice if you want to unwind and catch up on sleep. Strains like Strawberry Banana inspired the term “couchlock effect” as you may find yourself glued to the sofa after partaking in a joint or tincture. Sleepy Strawnana is best consumed when you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. Buy Best Indica Strains


Forbidden Fruit

For the last fruity suggestion, it was a toss up between Grape Ape or Forbidden Fruit. And I had to go with Forbidden Fruit for three reasons: 

  1. It’s one of the most beautiful cannabis flowers on the planet. 
  2. The terpenes are usually pretty consistent no matter who grows it. 
  3. Last week I smoke it with my grandma and she was blown away by how good it tasted.
Buy Best Indica Strains

Forbidden Fruit was born by crossing Cherry Pie with Tangie. The result is a staunchly purple flower, covered in a flurry of orange hairs, that gives off an extremely tropical guava-like aroma. When consumed, it’ll taste like you’re smoking a bowl of fruit cocktail, and the effects are much lighter than people associate with indicas and purple strains. Instead of sleepy and down, you’ll feel a relaxing euphoria that makes everything a little funnier. Buy Best Indica Strains

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